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We create information systems which help people to work better, and boost the effectiveness and transparency of government bodies and commercial organizations



Before starting the process of developing software, it is essential to answer the following questions:

  • what problem do you wish to address?
  • how do users (clients) deal with this issue at the moment?
  • do potential users need our product?

We help our clients to perform market research, to carry out Customer Development, to create a minimum viable product (MVP), to come up with answers to their questions, and to confirm existing hypotheses before product development begins. This enables our clients to make the right decisions and save significant funds that might have otherwise been spent on creating an unnecessary product.

Software development

Our development team is made up of world-class professionals who are proficient in a wide range of technology. Our key competencies include:

  • developing accounting systems;
  • developing automation systems for business processes;
  • developing data storage and data analysis systems;
  • integrating different systems and organizing information exchange between them.

Our extensive experience enables us to select the best possible solutions for our clients.

Introducing new software

Introducing new software, especially if it is a large product, occasionally creates problems. It is vital to explain to people the principles of how systems work, to give them proper training, and to create manuals and other operating documents.

We help our clients to pass through this stage without risk, organize effective training for users, and help at the early stages, when the product is being created.


The product has been launched, the number of users is rising, and the amount of information being processed is growing increasingly fast. Scaling of the infrastructure is required, plus 24-hour monitoring of problems and maintenance work without shutting down the system.

Our team provides service support, user support, administration, backup, and 24-hour automated monitoring of how the information systems are functioning.